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Our highly reputable family law firm specializes in settling our client's divorce cases utilizing the Collaborative Divorce Process, Mediation Services, or an Uncontested Cooperative Approach.

High Net Worth Divorce Solutions

High Net Worth Divorce Solutions

high net worth divorce solutions

There are a myriad of potential problems and challenges in matters of property division, business ownership, and asset/liability division in divorces involving high net worth marital estates. Margaret Bennett has extensive experience in working with complex property asset division, asset protection, and discovery involving hidden assets. Our clients include corporate executives, business owners, business managers, professionals, as well as stay-at-home parents.

Margaret Bennett has the ability to promote and negotiate a settlement out of court even in complex, high net worth cases.

In the 25+ years that Margaret Bennett has practiced family law, she has successfully represented many clients through negotiations, settlement, hearings and trials. Now that Ms. Bennett focuses her practice utilizing the collaborative and cooperative law process, she has utilized her unique and vast experience to effectively and expertly represent high net worth clients.

High Net Worth Estate & Property Division

High net worth estates typically involve complex financial circumstances, and in some cases, the marital estate and property do not have to be equally divided, but rather, divided in a manner that is fair in consideration of the parties’ personal circumstances. Dividing these larger estates requires properly evaluating the parties’ assets, liabilities, employee benefit and retirement plans, and determining whether the property is marital or non-marital. When dividing assets, it is important to calculate the tax consequence associated with the allocation of property. Margaret Bennett is highly skilled in comprehensive financial analysis and discovering assets and how such property should be divided to maximize her client’s present and future financial interests. Ms. Bennett has brought in experts and/or consultants on cases when needed such as Certified Public Accountants, Appraisers, Business Valuators, Forensic Analysts, Investigators, and vocational lifestyle experts, to ensure our client’s best interests are protected.

Margaret Bennett counsels and represents clients in all matters pertaining to high net worth divorces including:

  • Complex financial scenarios
  • Complex employee benefit plans
  • Business ownership by one or both parties
  • Real estate matters
  • Pension and retirement valuations
  • Division of stock options, restricted stock units, deferred compensation, retirement plans, and pensions
  • Asset discovery
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Managing tax considerations

high net worth divorce

Margaret Bennett realizes that professionals and their spouses prefer their dissolution actions to be discrete and handled with the utmost efficiency.

Challenging property division issues in high net worth divorce cases are best handled amicably, and settling outside of court is less stressful on both parties and saves both time and money. Having been collaboratively trained allows Margaret Bennett to promote and negotiate a settlement out of court regardless of the complexity of the case. Collaborative law provides structure and guidelines that allow the parties and their respective counsel to evaluate the marital estate to reach solutions and equitable divisions of the estate without court intervention.

See Margaret Bennett’s article in the 2013 Forbes Magazine Most Powerful Women Issue. To further explore your options, contact the Collaborative Law and Mediation Center today to schedule a consultation with Margaret Bennett.

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Margaret A. Bennett
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Margaret A. Bennett
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