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Our highly reputable family law firm specializes in settling our client's divorce cases utilizing the Collaborative Divorce Process, Mediation Services, or an Uncontested Cooperative Approach.

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Finding the right divorce attorney can be challenging. It is important to find someone who is not only experienced, but one who matches your needs, who you can feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with, and who is eager to provide the attention to you that you deserve.

Not only has Margaret Bennett been practicing family law and divorce litigation for over 25 years, she has been recognized as an Illinois Super Lawyer for six years and has been named as one of the 10 Best Attorneys in Illinois in 2019 by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.  While Ms. Bennett is honored by these accolades, she is most proud of her clients’ feedback and would like to share the many client reviews she has received.

I found Ms. Bennett randomly on, but she was also recommended to me about a week later by a friend who was referred to her by friends in upper-level management from several well-known companies in the area. From day one Ms. Bennett and her staff were completely professional, timely, and focused on my case. More than that, I never felt that I was being contacted or billed excessively. Communication between me, Ms. Bennett, and her staff was always concise and everyone always seemed to be on the same page. Also, while divorce is a complicated, foreign and exhausting process, they were patient and persistent in getting information from me. Ms. Bennett has actively involved herself in Illinois family law and it showed during collaborative meetings as well as one-on-one phone conversations and in-person meetings. She absolutely used that knowledge to represent me to the best of her abilities, but you must remember that she can only pursue what you tell her. One thing that took me some time to realize is to be very specific in terms of what your wants and needs are—she can’t know what you want if you don’t tell her. When I felt we were maybe drifting away from what I wanted it was a quick conversation to get back on track. My former spouse and I did not want to litigate and I could not afford a long, drawn-out divorce, and I believe Ms. Bennett took that to heart. I would absolutely recommend Margaret Bennett for a collaborative divorce. I can only imagine what she would be like for the standard process. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be on the opposing side of Margaret Bennett.


I was very pleased with Ms. Bennett and her staff. My divorce was a difficult time for me, as I imagine it is for most. Throughout the entire process, from initial consultation through to the last day in court, Maggie was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and caring. She and her staff were prompt to reply to my questions and always very understanding. My best interest was always at the center of everything they did. I highly recommend Bennett Law Firm.

-Ron R.

An excellent attorney. Margaret Bennett recently represented me in a family law case. I was extremely pleased with her high level of professionalism, integrity and response to all inquiries. I found her commitment to my needs as a client to be superb. Her staff is commendable as well; they too handled all my concerns with prompt attention and care. I highly recommend Margaret Bennett. She is an excellent and competent attorney.

–Chris M.

I don’t write reviews often, however, this was an important time in my life and I needed a professional to represent my best interests during this time.  I retained Margaret Bennett and Bennett Law Firm, LLC to handle my divorce. I immediately felt at ease.  She was understanding, and immediately understood the direction we needed to go. She and her team are professional, efficient and knowledgeable.  I understood what was going on every step of the way.  I would not hesitate to recommend Margaret Bennett and her firm.  She and her team know how to get things done fairly, efficiently, and are very responsive to their client. Many thanks!

–Cathy N.

Margaret Bennett provides outstanding service and support. Margaret clearly knows and understands family law. She willingly spends time to communicate and explore options, provides guidance and supports the final decision. She is highly sensitive to the needs of families and children. She keeps all parties informed and is quick to respond to questions and needs, along with her very professional staff. Above all, Margaret maintains her compassion for the human element of the legal process.

–Divorce Client

I hired Margaret Bennett in 2013 to represent me in my divorce that contained serious parenting issues. Without missing a beat, Ms. Bennett and her team jumped right to work to help me achieve the best outcome for myself and my child. Though my case had many obstacles and tough times, I knew I was in trustworthy hands.  Maggie and Emily helped me to understand the complex issues and documents in my case, informed me of the outcomes of court dates and the necessary steps in moving forward. Maggie explained her strategy and walked me through how she was going to obtain the best result possible. She provided insightful advice to the specific issues I was facing.  Wendy and Holly kept me up to date on the status of my case and helped me to keep things in order and on track.  Every email I sent received a timely response and I never hung up the phone without definitive answers to my questions. I truly felt like I could focus on other aspects of my life and leave my divorce in the capable hands of Bennett Law Firm. Even after my divorce was finalized, Bennett Law Firm helped me to execute various documents and remained dedicated to helping me overcome any problems I encountered. Thanks to Maggie and her team, I was able to continue with my life during and after my divorce. If you are looking for a qualified, knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys, I highly recommend Bennett Law Firm.

–Kim S.

I was referred to Maggie Bennett when I went through my divorce this year.  I had a lot going on and I needed very specific advice with my situation.  Maggie was a great help in guiding me through the divorce process.  I appreciated that she had a team of experienced people who could address my various needs at lower cost per hour.   I also thought that Maggie and her team were very responsive, particularly over email which was the main way to communicate documentation and updates. Maggie also was instrumental in navigating asset valuation and securing the more accurate and beneficial valuation for the divorce settlement.  Timing on getting the divorce completed was pretty standard for the filing type, a little over 6 months.

–Ashley O.

Maggie is an excellent divorce attorney.  She is very detailed and thorough, and she responds to every client need very quickly.  She pays close attention to detail, making sure every aspect of the divorce is examined.

–Renee C.

When facing a divorce after a 38 year marriage, I knew it was critical to have an extremely talented and experienced attorney. Margaret was strongly recommended to me by three outstanding attorneys. I continue to appreciate their advice and direction. Margaret’s skill, expertise, professionalism, efficiency, integrity and personal concern guided me through a very distressing 15 month period due to an extremely aggressive and argumentative opposing counsel. She was able to skillfully maintain a focused, professional and financially efficient approach and avoid unnecessary litigation. During this process I underwent two surgeries requiring long rehabilitations. Margaret was always on top of all legal matters and she and her entire staff always extended themselves to compassionately deal with my physical limitations. Through Margaret’s skill and integrity, I was able to come through the process with my two critical goals accomplished, my financial safety and my ability to maintain my own personal integrity. I am extremely appreciative and grateful.

–Barbara C.

Ms. Bennett and the Bennett Law Firm team just successfully completed my divorce case. Ms. Bennett fought for me in court and achieved an excellent outcome on my behalf. My case was extremely complex and she took the time to properly prepare my case for court. She returned each and every one of my phone calls and emails immediately. Margaret did not waste time prolonging my case beyond getting the best outcome. The fees charged were fair and reasonable. The Bennett Law Team treated me with great compassion and kindness. I felt the Bennett Law Firm Team cared about me and my future. Given my overwhelmingly positive experience with the Bennett Law Team, I would highly recommend Margaret and the Bennett Law Firm.

–Kim G.

I was referred to Maggie Bennett by a church member who told me how dedicated Maggie was for parent advocacy for fathers. Throughout the divorce proceedings Maggie lead me through a joint custody agreement that granted my parental rights to raise my children and a fair settlement. Maggie kept me focused on the details and fairness of the divorce thereby avoiding ill feelings that might have impacted the children or the results. I have placed my family’s legal needs with the Bennett Law Firm over the last 15 years and will continue to do so.

–Wayne K.

This is the most professional law firm I have ever dealt with. They use a team approach so everyone at the law firm basically is working on your behalf. I had a child support issue and could not have been better represented. They always worked with my best interest in mind. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. You cannot go wrong in hiring this law firm. They are the BEST in the Business.

–Thomas R.

Maggie was recommended to me by another attorney group I knew. She was the consummate professional, not only providing me with a good understanding of the law applicable to my case but also the practical considerations necessary to bring my divorce to a successful close without unnecessary litigation and confrontation. She efficiently and forcefully defended my rights while protecting total assets–an important consideration for both sides in a divorce. I would not hesitate to recommend her. She is always at the top of her game.

–Brian A.

A friend recommended Margaret Bennett to me when I was searching for an attorney to handle my divorce. Her empathy and professional guidance helped me tremendously to get through this stage of my life with as little difficulty as possible. I am very grateful that Margaret and her staff were there for me during this last year. I highly recommend her and her firm to anyone who needs a divorce attorney.


I hired Margaret Bennett to handle my custody matter. She was aggressive, organized, eloquent in court and I won my case.


Margaret handled my divorce case with insight, efficiency, and care. I always felt that she was on top of the issues and moved with deliberate speed to bring the proceedings to a highly satisfactory close. She and her assistants were very responsive and communicated well. She always kept me in the loop and gave sound legal guidance. I am happy with the consistently excellent way in which she manages the legal process and with the outcomes of her work. I highly recommend her!

–Divorce Client.

Margaret Bennett is an outstanding divorce attorney. I would highly recommend Ms. Bennett‘s legal expertise to anyone in need of assistance with family law matters in DuPage County. She, and her office team, stepped in, after 18 months of a long, drawn out divorce, and worked quickly and professionally to complete my divorce in 6 months. It was amazing to see everyone in her office, on a Sunday afternoon, preparing my case for trial. When we arrived at the courthouse, ready for trial, Maggie and the Judge settled the divorce without a trial, saving me thousands of dollars and 3 days of my life. Thank you, Maggie!

–Janice N.

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Margaret A. Bennett
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