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Our highly reputable family law firm specializes in settling our client's divorce cases utilizing the Collaborative Divorce Process, Mediation Services, or an Uncontested Cooperative Approach.

Parentage Mediation

Parenting rights and responsibilities not only apply to married couples, but also to never-married parents. On January 15, 2015, the Centers for Disease Control reported that more than 40% of children are born to unmarried couples. Margaret Bennett offers unmarried parents an opportunity to discuss and develop a detailed visitation and parenting plan that meets the individual needs of their child, through the process of mediation. She will also work with the parents to reach a comprehensive agreement on child support and other child related expenses.

Questions that separating parents may have include:


  • How do I establish parentage of my child?
  • Am I entitled to child support?
  • How is child support calculated in parentage cases?
  • Will the other parent be responsible for a portion of the birth related expenses?
  • What other child related expenses will the other parent be responsible for paying?
  • Do we have the same rights as married couples to enter into a parenting plan or a Custody Agreement?

Custody and visitation plans that parents develop together are usually more successful than ones ordered by the court without parental input. The parents know themselves and their child – the court does not. Parentage mediation provides a place where the two parents can meet with a neutral attorney mediator and attempt to resolve their disputes about their child which can help reduce any harshness or bitterness that might exist between the parents.

Co-Parenting Mediation:

  • Keeps focus on the child’s best interests
  • Helps the parents make sound decisions about parenting, physical custody, and legal custody
  • Tailors your custody agreement to the child’s needs
  • Improves co-parenting and co-parent communication which serves the child’s best interests
  • Keeps the parents out of court, saving money, time and emotional toll

The mediator helps the parents prioritize the needs of their child and develop a parenting plan that is beneficial to the parties and their child. A mediator’s duty is not to the individual, but to facilitate both parties’ goal of reaching an agreement while avoiding court. This prevents the mediator from serving as an advocate for either party.</

Have questions about mediation? Contact us to inquire about mediation with Margaret Bennett and for further information on the mediation process. 

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Margaret A. Bennett
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Margaret A. Bennett
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